what is pest control

Pest control describes the methods for removing, or preventing animals designated as pests from interfering with human activities. Animals that are considered pests can do a variety of damage to human property. They may carry disease, destroy food, damage houses, bite and sting, and cause various other problems. Some examples of common pests include the following:

– Rodents


Bees and wasps


Bed bugs


– Flies

– Moles

Different areas may have more problems with certain types of pests than others. Some animals such as bats and raccoons can make themselves pests by taking up residence in a house, but are not necessarily considered common pests.

Pest control is exactly as the phrase describes. It is the process of controlling pests from entering residences and doing damage. Professional pest control companies do this through a range of methods.

Physical pest control is when the pests are physically trapped, and/or killed through direct means. This can be used on both insects and rodents. Rodents can be trapped in cages, or killed with spring traps. Bugs can be trapped via lights, or sticky paper.

Poisoned bait is another method, and it is commonly used on both rodents and insects. Fumigation is when an entire structure is treated to kill some type of pest. It is often used on pests that are hard to physically find, such as fleas, wood-boring insects, and bed bugs.

If you’ve discovered a pest problem on your property, contact a pest control company for options.

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