Birds and Flying Pests Removal

Birds and flying pests can be a real problem if they’ve taken up residence at your home. Not only can they spread dangerous diseases, but they also make homes messy and can be frightening. Pigeons, seagulls, and bats are a few examples of flying pests to be aware. Bird removal and control can be difficult, depending on the situation.

Pigeons for instance, feed on grains. However, they usually adapt to eating processed foods whenever they cannot find grains. They adapt well in urban areas, feeding on food waste. Seagulls have a tendency of returning from time to time even after a year, making them hard to get rid of. Seagulls also can live for up to 40 year and during this time, they keep on breeding.

These are just a few factors that can make removing invading birds and flying pests difficult without the help of a professional.

Bird Control and Removal

The best way to control bird pests is removing their food source. However, in an urban setting with a lot of food waste, it’s not always a long lasting solution. An effective bird deterrent typically involves putting barriers on window ledges to deny them access to your house. This method is specifically effective for bat control and removal in particular. For other flying bird pests, use bait and traps.

Birds Control Exterminators

When it comes to effective bird control, professional exterminators should be called in to handle removal. They will be able to come in and inspect the property, assessing what needs to be done to remove them permanently. They’ll be able to use the most appropriate method for removing the birds and flying pests, and keeping them away from your property. Specific situations, such as shooting, require precautionary measures to prevent avoidable injuries.

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