Bees, Wasps and Hornet removal


Hornets and wasps may feed on other bugs and pests, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with stings and challenges of their own. In spite of their potential usefulness, you don’t want bees, wasps, and hornets near or inside your home.


If you’ve noticed wasps’ and hornets’ nests or bee hives near your home, you’re likely tempted to head outside and immediately handle it yourself. While there are DIY methods of removal, for the safest and most effective removal, it’s best to call a pest control professional to remove them instead.


Things to Know about Nesting Activity

Part of handling the pests is understanding their nesting activities. During winter, wasps and hornets abandon their nests, leaving the queen behind. The rest of the pests migrate to warmer, protected areas until winter is over. During summers, wasp and hornet nests are at their largest. Once you spot them, call a professional with experience in handling a large number of wasps and hornets to avoid injury from stings.


You can use a commercial wasp spray if the weather is not warm and the size of the nest is smaller. However, take precautions when removing wasps, hornets, or bees from your home. Wear protective clothing and create an escape route in case the pests become aggressive.


Bees, Wasps and Hornets Removal

If you want to ensure permanent results or you’re concerned about handling it on your own, contact a licensed professional for safe bee, wasp, and hornet removal from your property. A good exterminator can destroy nests on walls that the pests have built. Once the extermination is completed, the places should be filled and sealed to prevent the stinging pests from recolonizing.


The two most common ways to remove the stinging pests are by using commercial sprays and dust. Sprays are often ineffective due to the distance between the entrance and the nest. Dust is legally allowed for outside use, but need to be carefully laid so it’s best to call a professional.


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