My Day In Bellevue WA

The owner of Bellevue Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Visiting the city of Bellevue in Washington was one of the most exciting trips of my life. There are so many places to see and things to do in this city you’ll never get bored. This city is also known as the third largest city in the state of Washington. Some of the things that my family and I visited was the Bellevue Arts Museum located a few blocks from the downtown park. This museum is well known for displaying impressive art and design from regional artists, as well as international movement makers.


Another beautiful location that my family and I visited was the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which displays a wide range of beautiful decorative Rock Gardens and seasonal Dahlia displays. This place was very enjoyable for my family and I, since we are very much into gardening. Another beautiful Park that my family and I enjoyed was the Mercer Slough Nature Park. This park was beautiful and enjoyable because it offered a 2.6 mile water trail that you could actually canoe through the park. Another park that I enjoyed was the Lake Sammamish park, where you can enjoy fun recreational activities like canoeing, picnicking and water-skiing.


Overall, visiting Bellevue in Washington was one of my greatest experiences for the summer. There are so many activities you can participate in here. Take time to view more information about the city by visiting the Chamber of Commerce.


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